EI/AWN Capacity Building Workshop for Young Women

5-6 December 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sixteen young women leaders from SAARC and ASEAN who were chosen and nominated by their respective organizations attended the above activity. EI Chief Regional Coordinator, Bro. Anand Singh welcomed them together with Sis. Pathma Krishnan, EI Regional Coordinator who facilitated the activity. Sis. Undra, from EI Headquarters and Sis. Jhing. Ogalinda, Regional Committee Member provided relevant information and assistance relative to the conduct of activity.

The workshop objectives are as follows:

  • Provide capacity building development training for youth leaders and apply skills in the trade union movement ;
  • Provide youth leaders from SAARC and ASEAN accesses to expertise, resources and networks (CA, CB, South to South cooperation);
  • Support and exchange knowledge and facilitate mutual learning among young people, obstacles to joining trade union in leadership roles;
  • Promote dialogue between young people and stakeholders in areas of critical importance such as equality issues, inclusive education, minority rights and others; and
  • Increase youth engagement and participation in global dialogues such as trade unions, women conferences, ILO, climate change and others.

During the workshop, Sis. Pathma led the discussion on how to retain young women and men in the trade union: To wit:

  • Establish a youth structure and ensure that it is led by young members;
  • Revise/amend the constitution to include youth structure at all levels;
  • Adopt a policy on young members which reflect their priorities and needs.

According to the participants, they only need opportunities and space to showcase their talents and skills so that they will be able to take part in union activities. Several times, they were reluctant to take part in some union activities because veteran leaders are not supportive of them, hence, they were indifferent

It was noted that several studies have confirmed that young adults prefer and belong to institutions with ethical reputations that take pride on doing good and has integrity, hence, leaders reputation can entice young teachers to join the trade union movement.

Bro. Anand Singh, EI Chief Regional Coordinator for the Asia & Pacific region encouraged the participants to take on the challenge to become the future leaders of their own teacher organizations. He informed them that a shortage of young women leaders in the union is currently felt all over the world and we should do something about it. As a knowledge workers, we must ensure that we continue to promote the cause of education.

He said that in 2019, the EIAP continued to support member organizations and partners to promote and protect inclusive quality education for all and at the same time, advancing the status and rights of teachers and education personnel. He made emphasis on important concepts that aroused the interest of the future young women leaders by stating that, “EI affiliates must ensure that no one is left behind in education and member states should monitor their governments on how much they invest on education. A strong financing network will have a positive impact on education.” He added that as EI affiliates, whether you are a leader or not ….you must have a share of responsibility to ensure quality education for all.

The workshop attended by young women leaders from Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, and Thailand jointly urged EI to conduct series of activities to train the future leaders of the world.