Federation of Free Workers

The FFW is a national organization of trade unions. Founded in 1950 by Bro. Juan C. Tan and Fr. Walter Hogan, it is one of the oldest and largest labor federations in the Philippines. Since 1998, FFW has transformed itself into a trade union - social movement that caters to workers in various non-traditional sectors of society.



FFW endeavors to unite and empower all workers into a trade union-social movement to realize decent work.


FFW envisions a free, independent and responsible organization of workers, strong, stable and determined in defending workers' rights and promoting their interest. It is committed to build a truly humane society characterized by :

  • Prosperous and democratic economy;
  • Equality and Equity
  • Active participation of all sectors in the governance of society;
  • Culture of freedom, peace, justice and solidarity, and
  • Empowered workers

FFW in action