National Educators Association for Development

National Educators’ Association For Development (N.E.A.D) is a local Non-Government Organization established January 14 ;2007. NEAD registered and recognized by the ministry of Interior April 04, 2007 and become the member of EI (Education International ) on December 03, 2009.


Fight for demanding to increase salary for teachers to live in standardized living conditions with dignity - Improve the quality of education - Promote the education for all and eliminate Child Labour specially the Worst Form of Child Labour - Enhance Gender, especially the role of the women in the leadership - To protect teachers interest and rights


Cooperate with Government specially the ministry of education, NGOs and Private sectors for improving the quality of education, gender and to promote EFA -Advocate for salary increase for teachers to enhance the standard of living condition. -Protect teachers’ interest and rights. -Promote implement of democracy.


Promote EFA and eliminate Child Labour , WFCL -Advocate to ministry of education for mainstream CL,WFCL, SOH and Gender . -Enhance the living condition and condition of work for teachers. -Enhance the quality of education both private and public sector. -to organizing teachers to be one voice for advocate/negotiate for salary increasing.

NEAD in action