The rise of PGRI Women in East Java

With a passion to improve the capacity of PGRI members, on 30-31 March 2018 at Garden Palace hotel Surabaya, a workshop has been carried out capacity building activities and leadership of PGRI and preparation of establishment of PGRI Woman Special Board of districts / cities in East Java.

This activity was attended by secretaries of women empowerment from 32 districts / cities in East Java. This activity was originally part of the capacity building activities of LKBH, DKGI, APKS and women empowerment board. The first day of workshop was about graphology and hypno teaching while the second day was PGRI members’ capacity reinforcement in each board.

In the session of women's empowerment, activities began with advanced leadership materials followed by preparation for the formation of special board of PGRI women. The event went smoothly and warmly, the participants, mostly women secretary of empowerment in each district / city, were also very enthusiastic in following all the sessions facilitated by Ibu Dwi Ratnawati and Lailatul Musyarofah.

In the question and answer session, the queries revolved around the technical issues of implementing and establishing of a special board for the empowerment of women from the formation procedure to funding.

In Chapter VIII article 21 of PBPGRI Regulation Number 03 / PO / PB / XXI / 2018 it is stated that the establishment of PGRI Women is established at the central, provincial and district / city levels. PGRI women are formed by the Board of Directors of PGRI Organizations according to their level. The formation of PGRI Women at the provincial and district / city levels should obtain recommendations from the PGRI Women on the upper level. The formation of PGRI women can first be done simultaneously if the female PGRI level above it has not been formed. While financial resources can be obtained from the governing body of the PGRI organization, grants from non-binding government or non-government agencies, and income from non-binding businesses.

This activity ends with the formation of Whatssap group to monitor the follow up activities undertaken in each district / city. The positive impression and spirit of the participants was demonstrated even after the event by continuously communicating and coordinating especially regarding the formation of PGRI Women of districts/cities.