SMP-NATOW stirs up anti-bullying campaign efforts

The Samahang Manggagawang Pilipino–National Alliance of Teachers and Office Workers (SMP-NATOW), an affiliate of Education International (EI) in the Philippines, has launched its national campaign to curb bullying in the schools and in the workplaces. This is a pro-active engagement of the federation for the ASEAN Women’s Network (AWN-Philippines), EI sub-regional women’s agenda and advocacy forum buoyed by Lärarförbundet (Swedish Teachers Union). The Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF) likewise actively supports AWN’s anti-bullying campaign. Sis. Shashi Bala Singh, EI-Asia Pacific Chief Coordinator, and Sis. Pathma Krishnan, EI regional coordinator, steer the AWN activities.

Mandaluyong City, National Capital Region

On May 1, during the celebration of International Labor Day, SMP-NATOW has officially started its efforts on anti-bullying campaign by bringing together around 180 teachers, union members, youth and students, parents, and school officials in the Richville Hotel, Mandaluyong City. The choice of Mandaluyong City to be the venue is suitable as it is recognized officially as the most child-friendly local government unit in the country.

Bro. Rey Clemente Dolot, EI senior coordinator, served as one of the resource persons together with Ms. Gemma Garcia, student discipline officer at José Rizal University. Bro. Avelino Caraan, SMP-NATOW Deputy Secretary General–Research, presented a study about bullying in the Philippines.

The national campaign was highlighted by the signing of manifesto of support to halt bullying. Be a buddy, not a bully! chant volubly echoed in the hall.

Baguio City, Luzon

On May 4-6, SMP-NATOW Vice President for Teaching Engr. Leonora Quarte sent local affiliates of the federation to the EI-AWN (Philippines) Luzon-wide Gender-based Training. Gender is one of the bases of bullying in the country. It is found out that women and members of the LGBTI community are frequently bullied in the schools which lead to demotivation and to some extent, suicides. The participants took to streets to raise awareness of the society on the need to put an end to bullying.

Zamboanga City, National Capital Region

On May 13, the campaign has Zamboanga City in Mindanao on its trail to popularize anti-bullying campaign of the federation. Private school teachers, parents, and organizers participated in the launching held at the Astoria Plaza. The same research presented in the NCR launch was given by SMP-NATOW to the participants who were given substantial background about the alarming situations brought about by bullying in the schools and at works.

Roxas City, Visayas

On August 26, forty (40) teacher-leaders, union members, youth and parents attended the launch of anti-bullying campaign held in Gerry Roxas Convention and Training Center, Roxas City, Capiz. The federation rolled up plan to integrate the said campaign to local unions’ activities. Posters and placards pertinent to the campaign were distributed.

“No to bullying. Schools and workplaces shall be free from unnecessary pressures and discrimination. We teachers are in the front row preserving works and lives.” said SMP-NATOW Secretary General Sis. Milagros Ogalinda.


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