Teachers Organization in the Philippine Public Sector

It was established on May 1998 and was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 1999. It became an affiliate of Education International (EI) on 2004 adhering to National Standards. It became an affiliate of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP-KMP) on February 2011.

What TOPPS is:

TOPPS is strong in its position on the principles of unionism, democracy, independence, solidarity, respect, freedom of assembly, and freedom of affiliation. It stands firm in its commitment to empower teachers in the public schools and state owned colleges and universities.

What TOPPS believes:

TOPPS continues to reach out to more and more public school teachers. It continues to contribute to good governance, transparency, and integrity in the field of education

What TOPPS does:

TOPPS is geared towards peaceful and dignified partnership with education stakeholders, in order to raise the quality of education for all children in the Philippines using both the formal and the alternative means.


The organization is committed in the development of the public school teachers who shall be efficient and productive, aware of their rights and responsibilities in cognizant of their roles in the formation of holistic society.


The organization shall foster dignity and self-worth among Philippine Public School Teachers who are committed to the profession.


  • To promote quality education through efficiency and productivity in the government service and support national and international campaign on poverty alleviation.
  • To provide professional and skills trainings, seminars, workshops and other related activities that will help the members grow professionally.
  • To establish harmonious relationship with school administrators for mutual professional development in the workplace making beneficial to the clientele;
  • To support and campaign for gender equality, women's rights, health protection, literacy programs for cultural minorities, child protection and other national and international campaigns.

TOPPS in action